First Post

Hello readers!

Allow me to introduce myself and some of my idea of what this blog could be like.
I already have ideas for possible future topics/series to write about, but there should be an inaugural post, shouldn’t there?

The name “Pellegrino” (Italian, pilgrim) for the title comes from the use of this word in the study of the (Divine) Comedy of Dante Alighieri (the most famous part of which is Inferno), where it is used to describe the character in the novel, as opposed to Dante the author. I guess I’ve come to view my understanding of life somewhat as a pilgrimage/exile in some sense and perhaps you’ll get a sense of that from reading.

I am an “in-between” student, having finished undergraduate coursework in the United States and planning to commence graduate coursework in Japan.  (Am I a pilgrim yet? ^.~) [The school years are different – roughly Sept.-May in the U.S. vs. April to March in Japan, so I still have quite a bit of time before I’m officially a student again.] My undergraduate was in Language & Culture Studies: Japanese & Italian and for at least the first part of grad school, my studies are planned to be in Christian Thought with a focus in Theology (rather than Philosohpy or Religion).

Why did I start this blog? Not that I have a clear answer for it, but I have had ideas floating around in my head that maybe would be good to get out / that can serve as kernels for future research. Perhaps you will also enjoy reading about them.
I can also share more mundane things that may be of interest. I guess “que sera sera“.

And what is this blog supposed to be about? Well, even though it’s named Pellegrino, it doesn’t necessarily relate directly to the topics that could emerge which could be anything. Perhaps at this point it’s best to say that a lot of this blog could be cultural commentary, (ranging from Taiwanese Drama to Dante, etc.), personal  tidbits…. My viewpoint is hopefully always a Catholic one and if I say anything unorthodox or anathema please correct me.
In that vein, if you have suggestions for me for readings/sources/research/etc., you can comment.

I have chosen this date (30 September) to open the blog; it is the feast of St. Jerome (San Girolamo in Italian, whence the URL), who was a translator of the Bible. Please pray to St. Jerome for me and for you that he may ask God’s blessings upon us.

Well I guess that’s it for now. Welcome to join me for a little on this “pilgrimage” we call life.

-J. S. Sebastiano P.

[P. S. The photo at the top is from the outside of Nanzan Church in Nagoya, Japan]